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Abousltey love your waffles & pizzas, best pricing around for us for what you get. Glad we can be your customers.

Chanice And Ethan , 17 Sep 2020

Great service

Elizabeth, 17 Sep 2020

Fantastic food at affordable prices and great customer service.

Carly, 16 Sep 2020


Shamuna, 16 Sep 2020

I have lived in Tunstall for 5 years now and the only take out I like is tiger bite as its good quality food quick service and friendly

Charmaine C, 16 Sep 2020

Great portion sizes, I'm all full up and dont need to find something extra to nibble on. Hot, Tasty and Quick Delivery!

Brandon, 15 Sep 2020

Just placed an order which took an hour come have an estimated 40 minute delivery time, lot going on at the minute so understandable. Food arrived and upon opening Food was luke warm-room temperature in terms of the burger, chips and donner meat were cold. The milkshake was half in the bag half I’m the cup it was all over the place and the can of Rio was room temperature. You are my go to takeaway for food but this time everything has been below average compared to usual.

Ben Meakin, 15 Sep 2020

Very good

Bogdan, 15 Sep 2020

this one arrived cold. 07754763274,your usually brilliant.

Matt, 15 Sep 2020

ive ordered 4 times in 3 days,just for myself,im impressed..

Matt, 15 Sep 2020


Dylan, 14 Sep 2020

Very nice food

Lucy, 14 Sep 2020

Amazing food

Kirsty, 14 Sep 2020

Very nice take away !

Max, 13 Sep 2020

Great quality, However Driver did not follow instructions of not knocking or ringing the doorbell. but beyond that all is good.

Joshua, 13 Sep 2020

food amazing as ever

Paul Fitzpatrick, 13 Sep 2020

Amazing food amazing service. The staff treat there loyal customers very very well. Highly recommended bunch of great people. Never ever kept me waiting. Foods always ready. Spot in with everything

Liz, 13 Sep 2020

Hasn’t arrived

Jordan, 13 Sep 2020

When they get the order right its nice. But when they get it wrong it's wrong. Now I'm sure when somethings wrong you complain but complain a couple of times you get told don't bother coming again. If something isn't right sort it your a retail company if you can't take criticism then your in the wrong game. Plus don't speak rude to you customers it's not polite and neither is it professional. I'd advise on training and telephone technique.

Graeme , 12 Sep 2020

Last few times I've orderd bn getn cold half cooked chips every thing els is ok

Noname, 12 Sep 2020

Very nice quality food and great service

Matthew, 12 Sep 2020


Shane, 12 Sep 2020


Ethan, 11 Sep 2020


Louis, 11 Sep 2020

Always use here top takeaway Loyalty Card would be a great addition in the future

Alex, 11 Sep 2020

Very amazing and everything

Kai, 11 Sep 2020